Clinical microbiology

Manual methods

Manual methods in clinical microbiology.


Conventional culture media

•Over 200 conventional culture media products available
•Flexible and suitable for various lab situations
•Quality control and compatibility with other bioMérieux products assured

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Chromogenic culture media

Innovative and extensive range of chromogenic media for the simultaneous culture and identification of microorganisms in clinical specimens
•Easy to read with color intensity and specificity
•Sensitivity and specificity for reliable results
•Identification in 18-24 hours
•Save time with less need for confirmation testing

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With chromogenic culture media bi-plates, you get the smart association of two relevant media – 1 reading, 2 answers and many advantages.
•Get the information you need on 2 cultures in one reading
•Reduce the number of plates to inoculate and read
•Save space in the fridge and incubator
•Cut waste in half with less packaging

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API systems

The choice of microbiologists worldwide for its ease-of-use and high-performance, the API ID strip range is the global reference for identification.

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Mycoplasma IST2

Mycoplasma IST2
Combines counting, identification and analysis of antibiotic resistance for detection of Micoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealiticum
•Complete diagnostic (9 antibiotics) in one step
•Simple, safe, practical

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Atmosphere generators

Atmosphere generators
•GENbox CO₂
•GENbox Jar 2,5L
•GENbox Jar 7,0L
•Anaer Indicator, 50 strips

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Quick tests

Quick test: VIKIA & bioNexia
First line of solutions by bioMérieux
•Individual tests available at any time
•Results in 3 to 30 minutes, test dependent
•Simple to use with minimal training

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E tests

ETEST – Determining of minimal concentration of antibiotics
Clinicians often need as many information as primary AST can provide
ETEST is a recognized in the whole world based on it's proven performance
•Determination of MIC for slow growing and nutrient defficiant microorganisms
•Testing of new/non-routine anti microbe substances
•Fine tuning of anti microbe therapy

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BioMerieux is a global leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for over 50 years. BioMerieux is responsible for many innovations in the field of in vitro diagnostics present in over 150 countries worldwide.
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