Quality control

Control material for internal and external quality assessment of laboratory work


Randox Acusera

Randox believes in producing high quality material that can help streamline procedures, whilst saving time and money for laboratories of all sizes and budgets. With an extensive product offering comprising third party controls and calibrators, interlaboratory data management, external quality assessment, and calibration verification, you can count on Randox to deliver trustworthy results time and time again. Just ask one of our 60,000 users worldwide.

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Randox RIQAS

RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme) is the largest global EQA scheme with over 47,000 participants in more than 139 countries. Our range currently comprises 33 programmes and the majority of clinical testing.

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A global market leader within the in vitro diagnostics industry, Randox Laboratories develops innovative diagnostic solutions for hospitals, clinical, research and molecular labs, food testing, forensic toxicology, veterinary labs and life sciences. With offices and distribution in over 145 countries, Randox offers customers improved efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Randox is committed to revolutionising healthcare on a global scale. With over 1300 employees globally, Randox is dedicated to meeting your testing needs.
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