Test tubes

Yunycom offers vacuum and other systems for sampling (test tubes, needles lancets, adapters, holders, etc.)


Kima vacutest

Kima offers a complete solution for collecting patient samples including a large number of test tubes with a variety of volumes, anticoagulants as well as needles, adapters, holders.

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Vitrex lancets

Vitrex lancets are a safe and easy way to obtain capillary samples. They are designed for maximum safety of both the patient and the health worker.

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Vacutest Kima is a specialized manufacturer of vacuum systems for sample collection. Kima also offers all necessary materials to accompany and provided a complete solution for sample collection.
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Vitrex is a company manufacturing medical devices for over 50 years. Today, Vitrex is the biggest manufacturer of capillary tubes in the world. Apart from that, Vitrex offers solutions for other laboratory needs such as lancets and pipettes.
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