About us

Yunycom d.o.o. Belgrade was founded in 1990. as a private company and has been developing their business in the area of import, export and distribution of medical equipment, diagnostic materials and cosmetic products and services.

Yunycom’s primary area of business is medicine, pharmacy and cosmetics.

As one of the biggest importers of medical equipment and diagnostic materials Yunycom is a leader on the Serbian market in medical equipment distribution. We import necessary materials for biochemistry, hematology, transfusion, microbiology, physical therapy and cardiology.

Yunycom has mutually beneficial partnership with 35 different manufacturers and over 2000 different clients on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro.

All of the manufacturers with whom Yunycom has a long term partnerships are stable and strong companies and more than half of them have been supporting Yunycom since it was founded. Yunycom also has a successful long term partnership with our clients main of which are medical institutions (hospitals, clinical centers, privet clinics, primary health care facilities), pharmaceutical institutes, food and beverage manufacturers, institutes for quality control, military healthcare systems and many other users.

Yunycom is a company whose team is comprised of professional and highly trained workers form different professions (medicine, pharmacy, economics, engineering, law etc.)