Hematology analyzers

Yunyucom is a proud long term partner of a Japanese company Sysmex which is an absolute world leader in the field of hematology with their unique, innovative technology of fluorescent flow-cytometry as well as their global presence and market share.


Sysmex XN-Series

The XN-Series sets new standards in hematology. Scalable and modular, the XN-Series concept focuses specifically on the user. It makes life in the laboratory easier and optimizes workflow. You can choose a range of clinical values, productivity values and professional services to meet your analytical needs. Now you can truly tailor your hematology. From bench top to an automated solution. Suitable for every lab organization, lab size and workload. Protects your initial investment. Prepared for future growth. Addressing all “pathologies” consistently 24/7. Adding value to routine testing of CBC+DIFF. Optional specialty testing focused on specific customer need. Adding value to knowledge management. Intelligent standardization of sample and data flow. Full traceability for all requirements.

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Sysmex XN-L Series

The XN-L Series offer single sample analysis in open and closed mode and with automatic Rerun/Reflex sampler. It has a fully integrated IPU (information-processing unit) including an LCD color touchscreen. It incorporates the proven Sysmex technologies of fluorescence flow cytometry, hydrodynamic focusing and our cyanide-free SLS method for determining hemoglobin. Ready for the future, it can be upgraded by adding new clinical and productivity values.

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Sysmex XP-300

The XP-300 is an automated 3-part differential hematology analyser – and a great choice for laboratories that need robust, reliable service and high-quality diagnostic results. Alongside the proven, successful characteristics of its predecessors, it offers a range of new features that make life in the lab easier, such as a touch screen and a unique reagent management system.

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Sysmex is a Japanese company setting new standard in hematology for over 50 years. It is among the biggest diagnostic companies in the world. An important part of the Sysmex philosophy is their devotion to innovations and scientific advancement.
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