Sales program

Yunycom offers solutions for biochemistry, hematology and immunochemistry, laboratories from small analyzers to big systems. Yunycom is proud to have the widest program in microbiology. A complete offer for every healthcare institution is rounded with a wide arrange of test for transfusion laboratories. Our company also offers solutions in cosmetics and cardiology.


Since 1990. Yunycom is in the field of in vitro diagnostics and biochemistry in particular and has one of the best and most complete assortment of automatic and semiautomatic analyzers for all types of laboratories. Yunycom provides a complete solution for all of your laboratories needs.

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Yunycom has a wide arrange of automated and manual methods for microbiology testing intended for clinical laboratories and industry. We offer the products of a french company BioMerieux, an absolute global leader in the field of microbiology.

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Our offer in the field of transfusion encompasses blood bags, testing for transmission diseases, large systems for immunochemistry determinations, ELISA tests as well as poin-of-care testing for hemoglobin and hematocrit.  

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Molecular diagnostics

Yunycom presents the newest solutions for fast molecular diagnostics enabling a maximal probability of pathogen identification in a clinically relevant interval.

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Yunycom is a proud representative of Teoxane. It is a company whom produce medical cosmetics and develop innovations in the field of anti-aging technology in their laboratories in Switzerland.

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Based in Switzerland and with factories in Switzerland and France, and it’s representatives in Belgrade, Yunycom and Schiller successfully cover the territory of  Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska.

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